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Tynesha Foreman

Could you tell us a little bit about your work and practice?

I do a lot of mixed media, but I primarily focus on 2D animation (both Cel and After Effects) and Stop Motion animation. The work I get ranges from Advertising to TV/Film to Documentary animation. In terms of style and content, I really like fun cartoonish styles with grotesque horror inserted. I also do a lot of education/social justice animation with a focus on Black Identity.

How did you establish community both within and outside of the MICA?

To be honest, it wasn’t until later in my years at MICA that I felt I could establish a community. The first 2 years, I felt as if I was surrounded by only rich, affluent, white students. You know, the ones who could afford a full set of oil paints haha. But as I focused in on animation, I found a lot of other people who looked like me enjoyed the extremely vast genre that is animation.

Tynesha Foreman_headshot

Finding others like me, BIPOC + Queer, has progressed my career, helped support me. We all were honest about our experiences, the prejudices we navigate in our industry, and how to help others in the animation industry. Animation of all sects, can be an unnecessarily competitive and discriminatory, so it was huge for me to find that community in college and after I graduated.

Would you share an experience from your time at MICA that helped you develop your voice?

I think that things really started to click when I took my first stop motion class. Not just cuz stop motion was fun, but stop motion as a genre was relatively new to me. I had to research a lot of the artists we learned about and I learned a lot of new things. I think it was really important for me to research and pull inspiration from places I never would have thought of. Even if you’re sure of what path you want to take in animation, it makes a world of difference to be exposed to forms you’re not familiar with. Trust me you’ll find some dope shit that only makes your work stronger. And hey, it’s pretty fun too.

What suggestions do you have for us as an institution and/or a department that would help us better serve the interest of our students?

I think it’d be helpful to tell students of all different paths to take animation. To be frank, I went in thinking there was only TV/Broadcast and Film. It wasn’t until I did more research and talked more in depth with certain professors that I found out that there’s ads, documentaries, residencies, and a bunch of other stuff. One or two job fairs isn’t going to cover it all.

Also, there are a lot of students that have the will and desire to travel and get internships. But honestly, I know a lot of students wouldn’t be able to afford that. It would be great if not crucial to sponsor internships / workshops / residencies for students who can’t afford it. I mean, they’re paying a house’s worth of tuition. It’s the least the institution can do.

What project are you most excited about working on right now?

Real talk, I’m most excited to just focus on my own work and hobbies. I’ve worked on some real cool stuff over the years that I’m really proud of, but after years of working, it can be easy to get burned out. If you’re making animation for work, it takes a lot of creative energy.

It’s nice to take it easy and work on art that’s not, well, work haha.

Who are 3-5 of your favorite artists?

Jan Svankmajer, Felix Colgrave , Nicole Ham, Patricia Piccinini and Junj Ito.

Tynesha's Bio & Website

Tynesha (They/Them/Their), is a passionate and strange animator with a proclivity for the grotesque. They incorporate these passions through animation, character design and Illustration.

They’ve been animating for various publications, ad agencies, TV / web series all up and down the east coast. Currently they are freelancing in Eastern Pennsylvania, animating and designing with a focus on story telling, social justice, Black Identity, and general bad-assery.

They work primarily in Stop-motion, Cel and After Effects animation. However, they also like to mix all three when they get the chance. They hope to make a mark that communicates their passion to bringing things to life through animation, illustration and more.


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