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We believe that today's animators are interested in a wide variety of techniques and concepts. Our current project-based curriculum provides the flexibility for students to specialize within a discipline OR integrate multiple ways of making into their curricular learning.


We provide a series of required Core Classes for our majors as well as a menu of Project and Elective courses that incorporate multi-level learning in 2D (traditional and digital), 3D, VR, Stop Motion and Sound techniques. 

Below is a selection of Featured Animation Courses for the Spring '24semester and contact info for any additional questions.

*Please visit the below link to see an overview of our

Curriculum Map and discipline-based Sketches to browse potential pathways through the MICA Animation program.



  • AN 340 - Puppet Rubbish, Open Studio in Stop Motion (no prerequisites)

  • AN 268 - Animated Music Video

  • AN 399 - Special Topics in Animation: Animation & Dance


Students explore a number of hands-on animation techniques, such as: pixilation, destructive techniques, cut-out and puppet-based animation.

According to their own level, new students learn how to develop a sense of motion and timing through direct manipulation under the camera
through simple assignments. Experimentation is encouraged in order to develop a personal style.

NO pre-requisite

meeting times: Sect 1: WED 8:30am-2pm, Sect 2: THUR 9am-3pm

please email stephanie with any questions.

Course Features
33A35F7F-4902-44AC-B60B-BADE8C6EB57E (1).jpg

for more info contact:

Professor Stephanie Williams,

AN210:PUPPET RUBBISH, Open Studio in Stop Motion

Students within this course build upon their introductory knowledge of stop motion, working independently to invent new ways of approaching their research through the completion of a singular project. This flexible curriculum encourages play, situation building, experimental techniques, cross-disciplinary approaches to physically animated material. No formal animation training necessary. Upper-level non-animation seniors and graduate students are welcome.

NO pre-requisite

please email stephanie with any questions.

for more info contact:

Professor Stephanie Williams,


GMD298:Special Topics in Game Design, Science Game Studio

Thursdays, 9 - 3pm 


In my class we are going to make a complete mobile game, publish it on the Play Store, market it, and make at least 1 update to it.  We are going to be a team of 18 working on the same game.  This will be your opportunity to find out what it takes to Collaborate with others, to play a particular role on a team, to test your art for functionality with real players, and to do some market research.  We are making a game in collaboration with scientists and naturalists who study migratory birds in our area. Lights Out Baltimore and the Audobon Society will come speak with us in the first week, and will be telling us what they hope our game will accomplish.  


I need you!!

Game Programmers

Game Designers

Level Designers

User Experience Researchers

UI designers

Graphic Artists


Sound design (MICA ecologists have natural sound recording devices we can borrow)


Project Management


The class will meet 5-23-2023 to 6-15-2023, Tues, Weds, & Thurs, 9am-4:30pm

Bird Game Teaser Poster.png

for more info contact:

Professor Melanie Stegman,

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